The Origin of Urban Crisis Questions

  1. if rates of poverty among black residents range from 25 – 40 percent, will blacks ever rise above their generally “degraded” position?
  2. If white Americans were responsible for developing the view that black Americans had no culture of their own, what does it mean to be “Black in America,” if, “To be fully American was to be white?”
  3. If the ideal white man was one who knew how to use his head, manage and control things to get them done, why is it that blacks are suited for “certain types of jobs,” different from the white population; psychologically speaking?
  4. Is the distorted perspective social problem of blacks being to poor to move out of the ghetto a reason why the drop out rate is so high? if given a better opportunity would there be a rise of more graduates in high schools, or will blacks accept the reason to believe that a diploma isn’t going to change their situation?
  5. Why are black Detroiters less powerful than employers, white workers and homeowners?

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